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  • Where are the pillows made?
    All our pillows are made in the great state of Mississippi . ( Made in Mississippi)
  • Custom Jobs we do not offer
    1. Intricate custom artwork 2. Airbrushed portraits 3. Banners, backdrops or other large items 4. Black or dark colored items
  • What color trims do you have?
    Pillows come all white with different color trims like : Black ,Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, Yellow, Gold and Green or all white on request.
  • If pillow or certain color is out of stock how long do it take to have in stock again?
    We try to keep all colors in stock at all times but due to holidays like Valentine’s Day, and Mother’s Day we do run out, so call us we can let you know the availability for your order.
  • Can I choose characters for my pillow?
    Yes. we have teddy bears to choose from unicorns, roses, cute puppies, and flowers. All our characters are copy written.
  • Are your pillows safe for children?
    All pillows are shipped in box with plastic on pillow please remove plastic before giving to children 7 years or younger.
  • Can I send my own Items ?
    It depends on the items .T-shirts and garments NO/call us or email us for more information.
  • What custom jobs we do offer?
    1. Painting designs on the front and back of items. 2. Color choices for any of our designs. 3. Painting on other items types like sweatshirts, hats, license plates, long sleeve shirts, tank tops or women’s shirt. 4. Names on pillows/and custom color pillows 5. Pillows shapes are heart, square and round. 6. All license plates are painted one side only, once painted are clear coated with a clear coat of enamel paint to protect art work on plate .
  • Do you do events like fundraisers and parties?
    Locally yes or long distance if the price is right . We can negotiate the terms for fundraisers/ Children birthday parties depends on how many T-shirts needed to be painted for children call for quote or email us.
  • Is it safe to use my credit card on your website?
    Yes, our online orders are processed via a secure server using SSL technology your credit card information is transmitted to in an encrypted (scrambled) form.
  • What sizes do your pillows come in?
    14in and 27in /14in comes in heart shaped. round and square.27in comes only in heart shape.
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