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Care Instructions 

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Our airbrush shirts are cured with an industrial heat press to ensure a long-lasting, fresh looking design. We recommend washing cotton items inside-out, in cold water, and allowing them to hang dry for best results.

Please follow these Washing Instructions!!!

Wash Inside Out

Cold water

Mild Detergent

Delicate Setting

Tumble Dry, Low Heat

Hang Dry


How to Care for your Airbrush Items...

Airbrushed clothing/items are ready to wear as soon as you receive  it. so please wait a minimum of one seven days before washing the item. This will allow the paint to set properly.

1: Turn item inside out.


2: Use a gentle detergent made for hand washing and machine wash in cold water. For maximum care, HANDWASH ONLY in cold water by itself.


3: Put the item in the dryer. If you do so to minimize fading, turn the item inside out and use a warm setting.


4: For maximum care, hang dry.


5: If you want to iron your clothing material, turn it inside out and iron with a sheet of  kraft paper covering the design. On iron settings, please set it at the cotton/polyester setting.

Note: Please do not use bleach or powders.

All apparel is heat set to preserve the colors, hot water or drying in the dryer may cause pre-mature fading.

(If instructions are followed CORRECTLY, Airbrushed clothing/items should last a lifetime)

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