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About Us

Airbrushing T-shirts , Hats, License Plates and cutting, sewing and decorating Pillows and shipping them all across the U.S. from a rural area in Mississippi has been quite a journey and great story. Being born in Chicago growing up in Mississippi then back to Chicago, my family has been entrepreneurs over 100 years. In the south from my great great grand parents to my Dad whom I learned hard (WORK) do pay off , cutting trees and hauling to local saw mill. My Dad would say boy get your own. 1987 I was selling peanuts on a corner 67st,N bound exit in the great city of Chicago Il. A lady named Mrs. Coleman dropped off heart pillows to a brother of mine with the large valentine’s Day cards on them that was not selling.I purchase one from her all white with pink trim as a child I have always been creative so I purchase some color felt decorated the pillow with a rose/and letters saying “You’re So Special” sold it the next day a guy pull up asked ‘how much that pillow’ I gave him a modest price he bought it, today we cut ,sew and decorate our pillows and ship them all across the US. In 1990 there was a guy airbrushing T-shirts in evergreen plaza in Chicago my first time seeing someone with an airbrush, I asked him how did he learn the art, he asked me can you draw? I said yes’ he said buy a airbrush and practice. December 1990 I open my first airbrush business 64rd Halsted in Chicago. I have been on Good Morning America also on the front page of the #1 newspaper in Chicago The Sun Times .I can say I am a international artist I have done work for clients in Germany and Italy also Becks Beer,Corie Blount basketball player with Chicago Bulls, Christina Applegate, and Lil Bow Wow. I moved back home to Mississippi in 2017and I am still working on getting the airbrush shop setup but we are shipping orders online now .We will be manufacturing pillows in Mississippi very soon the samples you see on our website is some of my work and only a taste of what to come” coming soon “. Made in Mississippi”.

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